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independant filter/ fan module generating new air

Near protection

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Technical specifications
Low sound level. Economic solution: transformation of a grey area into a clean area class at a low cost. Easy solution to install: fast and easy insertion into an operating unit, a hanging ceiling or a self supporting frame. Available with an ECM motor (automatically maintains the airflow depending on the clogging of the filter). 3 regulation speed models : - Modulac COM : module equipped with a 4 positions switch : Stop, position 1 (0,36 m/s, new filter), position 2 (0,46 m/s, new filter) and position 3 (0,53 m/s, new filter). Useable with an external speed dimmer. - Modulac VAR : module equipped with a manual control speed dimmer, situated on top of the hood. - Modulac ECM : module equipped with motor ECM (the mounting motor guarantees a constant air supply speed depending on the clogging of the filter).